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Destroying the planet: 2) BIOMASS

European Union: lunatics at the wheel

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Like biofuels, biomass is a “green” lunacy which helps destroy the planet instead of saving it

Biomass energy is produced by chipping up trees and burning them in power plants to generate electricity. In previous articles (1) we have seen how the EU government is causing habitat destruction around the world through its biofuels policy. The same is true with biomass. A top climate scientist said the following about it:

“This loophole gives oil companies, power plants and industries that face tighter pollution limits a cheap, yet erroneous, means to claim reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. According to a number of studies, including one by a U.S. Department of Energy lab, applying this incentive globally could lead to the loss of most of the world’s natural forests as carbon caps tighten.” (2)

“This used to be the lushly forested place called Mesopotamia, the Cradle of Civilization: modern day Iraq, Iran and the Middle East. Wouldn’t you be a little cranky too if all your trees were gone?” – Hufftington Post

European Union politicians act as if they had lost their minds. The alternative is that they are thoroughly corrupt, in their ideology or moneywise (or both). In a great article that’s already four years old, the Hufftington Post listed their delusions regarding biomass. But it produced no effect on the lunatics:

“Biomass Burning Delusion # 1: Burning trees doesn’t produce carbon dioxide.

“Burning any carbon based fuel produces carbon dioxide. That’s what burning is, carbon plus oxygen yields heat and CO2 and some other stuff called pollution. Woody biomass burning as it turns out produces more carbon dioxide than burning fossil fuels. You can pass laws and sign treaties but when you take a match to wood it releases carbon dioxide.

“Biomass burning produces fifty percent more carbon dioxide even than coal because it burns less efficiently,” say Biologist Rachel Smolker of U.K. based Biofuelwatch”.

Read the rest of this excellent article here:
Biomass burning produces 50% more carbon dioxide than coal


Be sure to read also this article on biomass in the Daily Mail: “The bonfire insanity”

And please sign the petition against the Avonmouth biomass plant here:


(1) – see:

(2) –

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Windfarms and birth defects

Windfarms, vertebrates, and reproduction



Open letter, 2 April 2014 (Sydney)

To: Dr Steve Hambleton, AMA President
Professor Geoffrey Dobb, AMA Vice-President

The World Council for Nature (WCFN) laments the surprising decision of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) to deliver a clean bill of health to victims of industrial wind turbines, without having conducted an epidemiological study or seen any of the patients. Windfarm neighbors around the world have been requesting for some time that health authorities would carry out such a study, including the measuring of infrasound peaks and seismic vibrations inside neighboring homes. But this is being denied to them. Physicians at large are helping the industry, not its victims. It’s a repeat of the doctors-for-tobacco propaganda from years back.

Courtesy of Craig Kelly, MP, Sydney.

AMA asserts that windfarm neighbors suffer from anxiety, nothing else, and that anti-windfarm campaigns are the cause (1). In other words: it’s the nocebo effect, which “originates exclusively from psychological sources” (Wikipedia).

But what about the animals? We know that hens and cattle living in the vicinity of wind farms suffer a wide range of pathologies. Of highest concern are the deaths of otherwise healthy animals, the stillbirths, and the deformities in newborns and yearlings. As animals can’t read propaganda material, listen to the radio nor surf the Internet, WCFN submits that their pathologies cannot be caused by anti-windfarm campaigns. Here is the circumstantial evidence we are asking you to consider:

1) - 400 goats died in Taiwan in 2009. These animals, kept on a windfarm, were unable to sleep: “the goats looked skinny and they weren’t eating. One night I went out to the farmhouse and the goats were all standing up; they weren’t sleeping” (2).

2) – In Denmark, which is the EU’s leader in mink farming, millions of Danish kroners were lost in damaged pelts when wind turbines started to operate near a mink farm. The animals became aggressive, attacking one another, and resulting in many deaths. The owner was heard by Members of Parliament, who were stunned (sic) to learn that wind turbines were not as harmless as the wind industry had told them (3).

3) – In Poland, a recent peer-reviewed study on domestic geese concluded that: “the results indicate the negative impact of the immediate vicinity of wind turbines on feed consumption, weight gain and cortisol concentration in blood” (4).  

4) – Nova Scotia, Canada: the Ocean Breeze Emu Farm, popular among tourists, has closed down. The vibrations from nearby wind turbines, 850 meters away, have killed many of the emus, the owners announced. “Our birds became very aggressive. They were never like that. They were very docile”, Debi VanTassell said. The big birds were not sleeping. They were running in their pens night and day, writes the journalist who talked to the Van Tassells. “We noticed they weren’t gaining any weight”, the owner said. “Some of them were so skinny, you’d see the little backbones,”… Barely audible or low-frequency vibrations from the turbines have done them in. The infrasound gets in your head and body and takes you over, explained VanTassell to the Chronicle Herald (5). Three days earlier, she had written to“We cannot prove that it is due to the effect of the turbines, but one thing we do know is that for the 18+ years before the turbines we NEVER had any problems with our birds, no unexplained deaths, no agitation… We had healthy, productive, and content emus.” (6)
5) – A study from Portugal shows that foals born and raised near wind turbines developed Equine Flexural Limb Deformities. “The results presented herein strongly suggest that the presence of LFN-generating WT in the vicinity of this horse breeding farm can play a significant role in the triggering and onset of equine flexural limb deformities” (LFN: low frequency noise – WT: wind turbine). (7) It was published by the Universidade Lusófona and formed the basis for a thesis at the UNIVERSIDADE TÉCNICA DE LISBOA (8).

LFN deformity on foal 1

The above image shows the same foal at 3 and 6 months of age.

LFN deformity on foal

Club feet – LFN can cause a thickening of blood vessels walls.

6) – Biologist Dr. Lynne Knuth, in a letter to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, testified as follows: “The problems with animal reproduction reported in the wind farms in Wisconsin are lack of egg production, problems calving, spontaneous abortion (embryonic mortality), stillbirth, miscarriage and teratogenic effects:
• In chickens: Crossed beaks, missing eyeballs, deformities of the skull (sunken eyes), joints of feet/legs bent at odd angles (Jim Vollmer, personal communication)
• In cattle: missing eyes and tails (updated Excerpts from the Final Report of the Township of Lincoln Wind Turbine Moratorium Committee).

It is disturbing to me that in chickens and cows in separate wind farms (separated by 50 miles) similar teratogenic effects are being observed, namely missing eyeballs. Based on the correlation of effects seen experimentally and those seen in the wind farm in chickens, these defects may be due to low frequency vibration. Jim Vollmer, the farmer who owns these chickens, reports that the tin structures on his farm buildings vibrate. If the infrasound/ low- frequency sound is strong enough to vibrate structures on his farm as it passes through, what is it doing to the delicate connections and circulation inside the developing chicken embryos, and inside people, as it passes through them?

Animal health problems in the Srnkas’ formerly award-winning herd include cancer deaths, ringworm, mange, lice, parasites, cows not calving properly, dehydration, mutations such as no eyeballs or tails, cows holding pregnancy only 1 to 2 weeks and then aborting, blood from nostrils, black and white hair coats turning brown, mastitis, kidney and liver failure. . . .” (9)

7) – There are many more accounts of wind turbines affecting animals, for example shepherds’ dogs refusing to work, or even get out of the kennel (10). People have also reported the disappearance of wildlife around wind farms, except for visiting birds and bats, and scavengers which come to feed on their carcasses.

The above circumstantial evidence is more than enough to warrant a thorough epidemiological study on windfarm neighbors who complain about Wind Turbine Syndrome, and on their animals. Applying the precautionary principle, a moratorium should be called on windfarm development until such time as the study is published and analysed. To guarantee against bias, and to keep it simple, half of the professionals involved in the study should be approved by WCFN, which can’t be accused of being pro-windfarms.


WCFN oppose wind turbines because of their deleterious effects on biodiversity, but we are not insensitive to the harm they do to people. We too believe in this principle contained in the Hippocratic oath: “primum non nocere” – first, do no harm.

Mark Duchamp

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Politician braves the wind mafia



Politician braves the wind mafia

Windfarm neighbors trapped at home – courtesy of

AUSTRALIA: John Madigan, Senator from Victoria, found a smoking gun belonging to the windfarm mafia. With true grit, he denounces the unethical and illegal behavior of the wind crooks in the following video:

VIDEO: Senator Madigan’s speech at the Australian Senate

The World Council for Nature wishes to praise Senator Madigan for his honesty and his courage. Knowing the considerable power wielded by the wind lobby, with its pockets full of public money, it is indeed courageous to denounce its reprehensible activities.

Senator Madigan
Senator Madigan – courtesy of

Senator Madigan is also honest: unlike many of his fellow politicians, he won’t yield to peer pressure, financial incentives, or both. For this alone, he deserves to be called a hero.

It remains to be seen what actions will be taken against the dishonest politicians of our age – and their corporate, professional and academic accomplices – once the wind bubble bursts. There will be a lot of angry voters out there when this happens, for unlike the tobacco and asbestos industries, Big Wind (and its shills) have been bleeding the public purse, and its products have only had negative impacts.

Entire species of birds and bats are being wiped out from entire regions and even countries, and thousands of windfarm neighbors suffer from impaired sleep – and slow but steady health degradation. Governments know that ILFN (infrasound and low frequency noise) are the cause, resonating inside homes. But they only put limits to “outside noise”. The hypocrisy is total.

ILFN is more than just “noise” – courtesy of

On the plus side, wind farms fail to deliver any benefit to society. There are NO fossil fuel savings – see: Wind farms are redundant

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Bullet news # 1

March 4 2014 – Castellón province, Spain
Five wind turbines have been dismantled, by court order. Only the masts remain in place. Health effects on neighbours were invoked.

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Wind2050: a dystopian society?

Wind power opponents in the cross hairs

cross hairs

Press release

February 28th 2014

Wind2050: a dystopian society?

The World Council for Nature (WCFN) has been informed that Danish taxpayers’ money is being spent to the tune of €2,665,688 to spy on associations and citizens’ groups of windfarm victims (present or potential). The name of the program is “Wind2050 – Multidisciplinary study on local acceptance and development of wind power projects” (1). It is administered chiefly by the Danish multinational company Vestas, the Danish government, and Denmark’s Aarlborg University. Its aim is to break the resistance of windfarm neighbors and opponents to Big Wind in Denmark and around the world. Note: in Denmark alone there are more than 200 associations of neighbors fighting the windfarm scourge, and Vestas’ profits have taken a big plunge.

The anti-democratic nature of this surveillance and targeting of windfarm victims is disturbing. WCFN warns that the obsession of the Danish government with wind farms, anchored as elsewhere in the world in the financing needs of political parties (2), is driving it dangerously close to paternalistic totalitarianism.

Below: a map that the Wind2050 study has made of the web-links that connect most of the world’s windfarm victim groups to each other. It is a form of saying: we have identified the enemy, here he is. The CIA would proceed likewise with al Qaeda.

W2050 - spying on citizens

WCFN wishes to remind the public that the worst crimes against nature are or have been perpetrated by political regimes which are not balanced by effective counter-powers such as investigative media and an independent judicial system. In the former Soviet Union, the Sea of Aral was practically eraced from the map by the regime’s obsession with cotton production. In very much the same way, the Golden Eagle, other raptors and extremely useful species of bats are being wiped out from countries like the UK and the US because of their governments’ obsession with wind farms.

The much feared Orwellian society is dawning upon us, and “green shirts” are in the process of taking control of our lives, complete with “smart meters”, “smart grids” and imbecilic directives, with the help of self-serving politicians and pharaonic subsidies that corrupt anything they touch.

“Orwellian” is an adjective describing “the societal condition that George Orwell identified as being destructive to the welfare of a free and open society. It connotes an attitude and a brutal policy of draconian control by propaganda, surveillance, misinformation, denial of truth…” (Wikipedia).

in the crosshairs

Indeed, the denial of any of the ill-effects of wind turbines is particularly obvious in today’s society: denial of the harm done to residents, and to biodiversity, landscapes, tourism, property values, the economy, sovereign debt and the price of electricity. Paid propagandists troll the Internet with a mission: to drown wind farm opponents under a deluge of half-truths so as to whitewash their industry which is essentially non-performing, extremely costly and harmful to people and the environment.

Are political correctness, corruption, and wind farms leading us to a dystopian society?

Mark Duchamp
+34 693 643 736

press release from Windwahn:


(1) – Wind250 program:

(2) – financing of political parties through wind farms

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Shane Mortimer


20 Feb. 2017

The World Council for Nature (WCFN) is pleased to announce the nomination of Walgalu-Ngambri Aboriginal Elder Shane Mortimer as its General Coordinator for Australia.

Shane Mortimer

Shane Mortimer

Mr. Mortimer is well known in Australia for his fight
to protect the land, as well as the rights of his people.
As it were, the two issues are often one and the same.
He has also distinguished himself opposing wind
farms, a false solution to our energy needs promoted
by not-so-green activists and rent-seeking
opportunists, and which WCFN considers to be
immensely harmful in many ways.

Mr. Mortimer notes the failure of wind turbines and
solar plants in reducing CO2 content from the
atmosphere. Carbon sequestration is the solution, he
claims, the one that is done naturally by plants. Indeed,
scientific evidence shows that the restoration of
degraded grasslands creates organic topsoil rich in
carbon. This is a method of carbon sequestration that
has been overlooked by “green” activists and
politicians alike. According to the Savory Institute,
restored grasslands could rapidly eliminate from the
atmosphere all the CO2 emitted by man in the past 200
years (1).

Says Shane Mortimer: “With proper restoration and
management of its vast grasslands, Australia could
even make money selling carbon certificates to major
polluters in the world. Other benefits would be
enhanced water retention, biodiversity, and even food

“Indeed”, he adds, “perennial grasses put a layer of
fresh water into the soil that forces the salt table down,
reversing salinity”. Regarding food crops, he draws
our attention to Microlaena stipoides, an Australian
perennial grass species which is the indigenous
replacement for wheat and rice. Its grains are high in
protein, and small-scale commercial production for
human consumption has commenced.

WCFN applauds the grasslands solution which, unlike
wind farms, solar plants, biofuels and biomass, would
not further degrade our planet – on the contrary. In
addition, Holistic Planned Grazing advocated by
world-famous biologist Allan Savory, could benefit
cattle and grasslands alike, and people by way of food

Says Mark Duchamp, of WCFN: “we recommend that
governments put an end to their destructive energy
policies. Rather than subsidizing ineffective and
harmful industries like wind, they should fund
research into the restoration of grasslands, as well as
practical experiments, pilot projects etc.

Mr. Mortimer will co-produce a documentary series
“Carbon – The Indigenous Grasslands Solution,” with
film maker Alan Lock and Agronomist/Native
Grasslands Specialist Paul Hodgkinson.

Shane Mortimer
General-Coordinator Australia, WCFN
Phone: + 61 2 4822 6688 Mobile: + 61 437 377 369

Mark Duchamp
Chairman, WCFN
Tel: +34 693 643 736

(1) – Savory Institute – Holistic Planned Grazing:

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Not “renewable”

Extinct species are not “renewable”


photo credit:

In response to Brussels’ public consultation, the World Council for Nature points a finger at systemic corruption

Open letter to the European Commission

Dear Sir or Madam,

Re: HT 359 – Consultation on Community Guidelines on State Aid for Environmental Protection

The World Council for Nature hereby expresses its opposition to State aid in any form or shape to so-called renewable energies – for this is what your consultation is really about, under the cover of “aid for environmental protection”.

Once burned to the ground to make room for biofuel crops for “green” Europeans, the Borneo forest is no longer “renewable”. Once extinct, the Orangutan won’t be “renewable” either; you appear to be willfully ignoring this evidence. Nature on our shrinking planet is dying from trillions of cuts, and those made by subsidized wind farms, solar plants, biofuel, biomass – and invasive eucalyptus plantations for carbon credits – are causing irreversible damage to natural habitats. Biodiversity is facing its biggest threat ever because of your half-baked “green” policies.

orangutan habitat being burnt to the ground

photo credit:

Before forcing Europeans to squander a trillion euros on ineffective energies, you should have done your homework. If you had, you would have realised that “green” policies fail to deliver on their promises, causing tremendous harm and precious little benefit, if any. Europe, and indeed the world, would be better off without them. The price of electricity would not have skyrocketed as it did, causing fuel poverty and cross-border industry relocations. Countries like Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy would not have contracted so much debt and be so deep “in the hole”, with massive unemployment. The European countryside would have kept its amenity, residents their health, and birds and bats their lives.

Only systemic corruption can explain such a monumental blunder: politicians receive generous donations, and in exchange they vote huge subsidies to the donors. It’s the perfect scam, and you are responsible for the wanton destruction it is causing.

orangutan rescued from its devastated habitat

photo credit:

Yours truly

Mark Duchamp
Chairman, WCFN
+34 693 643 736

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2013 WCFN Award

AWARD 2013

Logo E County Mag

The 2013 WCFN award has been bestowed to East County Magazine, for its commendable, continued effort to inform people of the threats against nature in Southern California.

We wish to honor in particlar its editor, Miriam Raftery.

 Miriam Raftery
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Birds killed by solar plants

Birds are being killed by solar plants

“The concentrated sunshine of tens of thousands of reflecting mirrors heats liquid on towers to drive steam turbines and create electricity, but also singes the wings of birds flying through the power plant’s footprint.”   USA Today – The Desert Sun

swallow with fried wings - Mojave desert solar farm

Courtesy of: the Desert Sun, Palm Springs, California

From the article of K. Kaufmann, The Desert Sun, Nov. 10, 2013

“A small bird, barely the size of a human hand, had its wings reduced to a web of charred spines. No longer able to keep aloft, the bird was found on the ground after it had flown through the intense heat of a solar thermal project soon to go online in the California desert.”

solar furnace

Above: mirrors from solar thermal plants converge their heat towards a central tower.

“Of 34 birds reported dead or injured at Ivanpah in September, 15 had melted feathers. Dozens of other bird carcasses, not singed but with critical injuries, have been found in recent months at two solar projects about to go online on public land between Joshua Tree National Park and Blythe, Calif.”

Below, a picture of the world’s largest solar thermal plant, in the Mojave Desert, California.
solar thermal plant

Even “classic” solar plants, of the photovoltaic kind, kill birds:

“Along with radiation injuries, scientists are concerned about bird deaths linked to confusion because of the shimmering expanses of solar panels in the desert. At photovoltaic projects such as Desert Sunlight, dark, flat solar panels are spread out over hundreds of acres in what may look like a big lake to migrating birds flying overhead.

“Water or shore birds attempting to land on the panels either could hit them with enough force to injure themselves or, stranded on dry land, be unable to take off again.

“Autopsies have shown the cause of death for many birds at Desert Sunlight has been blunt force trauma when the animals collide with panels mistaken for water…”

Full article:

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The African lion in danger

Lions - Avaaz petition

The African lion in danger

A petition from Avaaz:

Amazing win!  A South African court just ruled that the government violated our right to free speech when they tore down ads calling for the protection of South Africa’s lions — and we’re all over the news. Let’s use this momentum to get our petition to 1 million and save the lions:
Dear friends,

South African lions are being slaughtered for their bones, just to make bogus sex potions for men. But if we show President Zuma that this hurts South Africa’s image as a tourist destination, he could stop this cruelty by banning the trade in lion bones and organs. Sign the petition below — we’ll take out ads in major tourism magazines and websites:  
Sign the petition

Hundreds of South African lions are being slaughtered to make bogus sex potions for men. But we can stop this cruel trade by hitting the government where it hurts — the tourism industry.
A global ban on tiger bone sales has traders hunting a new prize — the majestic lions. Lions are farmed under appalling conditions in South Africa for “canned hunting”, where rich tourists pay thousands to shoot them through fences. Now experts say lion bones from these killing farms are being exported to phony ‘medicine’ makers in Asia for record profits. Trade is exploding and experts fear that as prices rise, even wild lions — with only 20,000 left in Africa — will come under poaching attack.
If we can show President Zuma that this brutal trade is hurting South Africa’s image as a tourist destination, he could ban the trade in lion bones. Avaaz is taking out strong ads in airports, tourism websites and magazines, but we urgently need 1 million petition signers to give the ads their force. Sign below and forward this email to build our numbers fast:
‘Tiger bone wine’ and other tiger-part medicines were banned after massive international outrage — now traders have shifted their attention to lions’ bones to make all kinds of bogus remedies. Experts say unless governments act now, lions could be the next in line — after tigers and rhinos — to face extinction.
There is a solution: banning and punishing the trade of lion bones and organs. South Africa is currently the largest exporter of lion trophies, bones and organs — it is also the only African country actively breeding lions in large numbers to supply trophy hunting. But if we can show that allowing this senseless trade can hurt South Africa’s booming tourism industry and make visitors flee, president Zuma could be forced to act.
Let’s build a thunderous global roar for the lions. Avaaz will show the cruelty of the lion bone trade with stinging ads — sign now and tell everyone about it:
Avaaz members across the world have come together to demand strong protection for rhinos, save the world’s bees from poisonous pesticides and achieve huge marine reserves in Chagos and Australia to safeguard vulnerable marine species. Lets come together once again and stand up for Africa’s lions.
With hope, and determination,
Jamie, Alex, Antonia, Mia, Alice, Ricken, Luca, Emily and the entire Avaaz team
More information:
Avaaz lion bones adverts were censored, finds Constitutional Court (Mail & Guardian)
Court orders Zuma lion advert to be displayed again at OR Tambo airport (BDlive)
Born to be killed (Carte Blanche)
The Lion Bone’s Connected to the … Rhino Horn? (
Wildlife trafficking trail leads to SA safari man (News 24)

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