Posted by: WCFN | September 20, 2011

Stop the destruction of Nature

Politics and money have corrupted the ecology movement.
There is a need for fresh air.

The sea is a source of wonder. Let’s keep it that way.

Joining forces against the destruction of Nature

Tropical forests converted into plantations for biofuels, wilderness areas invaded by wind turbines, deserts desecrated by solar plants, oceans holding more trash than fish, mangroves turned into shrimp farms, etc.:  the planet’s ecosystems are under threat on a scale never equalled before.  Sadly, traditional ecologists endorse many of these aggressions. So it is time for real conservationists and nature lovers to distance themselves from this perversion, and to regroup under a new banner. The World Council for Nature is the new, totally independent umbrella organization that will defend natural habitats above anything else.  Without habitat there is no biodiversity, no unspoiled landscapes, and no recreation, no inspiration for man.

WCFN have no budget, but we are dedicated people who think nothing is impossible. Together, we will fight current and future aggressions against the natural world, such as:

– deforestation, and the replacing of biodiversity-rich habitats by biodiversity-poor plantations or other land uses,

– unlimited urban sprawl,

– unlimited industrial and commercial sprawl, including activities labeled “green”,

– dumping untreated waste or sewage, inland or at sea,

– oil spills,

– capture and/or trade of wild animals, including for scientific purposes [save force majeure, such as pandemics for instance; for the rest, a protected habitat and tranquility is what wild animals really need],

– experiments on animals, including for scientific purposes [new techniques exist that should be substituted: click here ]

– introducing plants foreign to the land, e.g. planting eucalyptus in Brazil [presently being done to earn carbon credits],

– destruction of native animal species and their habitats by exotic “invader” species, e.g. beavers in Argentina and Chile.

This list is not exhaustive and will be completed with suggestions from members, with the approval of all.

Membership is free of any charge.
To join, see “About” in the menu (above, within the banner picture).


For urgent matters:


  1. This is a great initiative with a strong global sense which links up people from different parts of the world to work towards the common goal of preserving our natural environment. It deserves our greatest support.
    – Young Ng, Chairman, Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong

  2. This initiative is refreshing and absolutely necessary. Congratulations on a well-conceived, timely, and precious endeavor. We will support you every step. I am so pleased you included animal testing! Ignoble human betrayals must be highlighted and vigorously opposed. Here is a platform, as we have lost a voice in many eco and enviro agencies. Thank you! Please sign up Toronto Wind Action, NA-PAW, North American Platform Against Wind Power, and Great Lakes Wind Truth.

  3. A challenging project. I will be watching for more news!

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