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“Green” policies cause devastation

“Green” policies cause more devastation than there has been in 5,000 years

” If indeed the planet is at risk, it is from the corrupt alliance of “green” charlatans, subsidy-sucking speculators, and politicians. Together, they have created a monster which is causing more devastation worldwide than there has been in 5,000 years of civilisation.” – Mark Duchamp, from the letter below.


 held in Canberra, June 18th 2013

Ladies and gentlemen,
Present and future victims of so-called “green” policies,

I regret not being able to attend your national rally, but please rest assured that I am present here today, in thought if not physically.

The World Council for Nature, contrary to Greenpeace, WWF and other politically-motivated NGOs, does not condone the destruction of nature in order to, supposedly, “save the planet”. If indeed the planet is at risk, it is from the corrupt alliance of “green” charlatans, subsidy-sucking speculators, and politicians. Together, they have created a monster which is causing more devastation worldwide than there has been in 5,000 years of civilisation. Biofuels, biomass and windfarms are destroying wildlife habitats at great speed, yet they do not produce any environmental benefits at all. They are remedies that are worse than the illness, and should be abandoned immediately.

The plight of Australians is particularly poignant, in that your wildlife is unique yet your government is condemning rare species to disappear. The Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle will be the first to go, condemned as it is by hundreds of lethal wind turbines invading its habitat. The Brolga and the Orange-bellied Parrot are also threatened, as are many other species. In Spain alone, windfarms are killing between 6 and 18 million birds and bats every year. The figures are official, coming from 136 monitoring studies obtained by the Spanish Ornithological Society under freedom of information legislation. Yet bird societies like the British RSPB or Birds Australia keep this information secret, as they do with other windfarm mortality statistics from around the world.

In the final analysis, it is you, Australians, who will suffer the most from what was aptly described as a swindle in Dr Etherington’s book, “The Windfarm Scam”. You will suffer physically from Wind Turbine Syndrome if you happen to live within 10 km or more from wind turbines. Low frequency noise and infrasound can disturb sleep and have other ill effects at great distances, yet this is being denied by the pseudo-scientific community which caters to the wind industry and its deep pockets.

You will suffer as well from the visual devastation of your great countryside, from the rarefaction of bird life, and from a declining economy stifled by rising energy costs and the burden of public debt, inflated by huge subsidies to windfarms and other green frauds.

Last but not least, I am particularly saddened to learn that aboriginal rights are being trampled by your misguided government. Windfarms are being installed without consideration for Native Title Law, thus riding roughshod over the internationally-acclaimed MABO decision of the High Court of Australia. There is no excuse for that, just as there is no excuse for killing Tasmanian wedgies into extinction, or endangering the health of thousands of windfarm neighbours.

Madrid, 16 June 2013

Mark Duchamp
Chairman, World Council for Nature
Tel: +34 693 643 736


  1. hi,

    i’m about to do a piece on bird mortalities. i’ll get your words out there for you.


    Robert Piller. Campaign Against the Trade in Endangered Species…

    Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2013 18:39:40 +0000 To:

  2. The Minister of the Environment of the Spanish state of Extremadura said in an interview:
    “The environment cannot be an obstacle to enterprises that want to come here.”

    This politician has no qualms in announcing his intention to ride roughshod over federal and state legislation that protects the environment. But he is not the only one to think like that. All over Europe politicians violate their own laws, plunder the wealth of nations just to get votes, enrich themselves and leave taxpayers and consumers to pick up the pieces. The European Commission acts the same when it produces a roadmap to show windfarm speculators how to install their bird-choppers within natural reserves “Natura 2000”.

    If this is the “democratic” Europe they want to impose upon us, perhaps we should vote them out.

  3. Very well said! I hope many people are listening!

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