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Not “renewable”

Extinct species are not “renewable”


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In response to Brussels’ public consultation, the World Council for Nature points a finger at systemic corruption

Open letter to the European Commission

Dear Sir or Madam,

Re: HT 359 – Consultation on Community Guidelines on State Aid for Environmental Protection

The World Council for Nature hereby expresses its opposition to State aid in any form or shape to so-called renewable energies – for this is what your consultation is really about, under the cover of “aid for environmental protection”.

Once burned to the ground to make room for biofuel crops for “green” Europeans, the Borneo forest is no longer “renewable”. Once extinct, the Orangutan won’t be “renewable” either; you appear to be willfully ignoring this evidence. Nature on our shrinking planet is dying from trillions of cuts, and those made by subsidized wind farms, solar plants, biofuel, biomass – and invasive eucalyptus plantations for carbon credits – are causing irreversible damage to natural habitats. Biodiversity is facing its biggest threat ever because of your half-baked “green” policies.

orangutan habitat being burnt to the ground

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Before forcing Europeans to squander a trillion euros on ineffective energies, you should have done your homework. If you had, you would have realised that “green” policies fail to deliver on their promises, causing tremendous harm and precious little benefit, if any. Europe, and indeed the world, would be better off without them. The price of electricity would not have skyrocketed as it did, causing fuel poverty and cross-border industry relocations. Countries like Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy would not have contracted so much debt and be so deep “in the hole”, with massive unemployment. The European countryside would have kept its amenity, residents their health, and birds and bats their lives.

Only systemic corruption can explain such a monumental blunder: politicians receive generous donations, and in exchange they vote huge subsidies to the donors. It’s the perfect scam, and you are responsible for the wanton destruction it is causing.

orangutan rescued from its devastated habitat

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Yours truly

Mark Duchamp
Chairman, WCFN
+34 693 643 736


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