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Shane Mortimer


20 Feb. 2017

The World Council for Nature (WCFN) is pleased to announce the nomination of Walgalu-Ngambri Aboriginal Elder Shane Mortimer as its General Coordinator for Australia.

Shane Mortimer

Shane Mortimer

Mr. Mortimer is well known in Australia for his fight
to protect the land, as well as the rights of his people.
As it were, the two issues are often one and the same.
He has also distinguished himself opposing wind
farms, a false solution to our energy needs promoted
by not-so-green activists and rent-seeking
opportunists, and which WCFN considers to be
immensely harmful in many ways.

Mr. Mortimer notes the failure of wind turbines and
solar plants in reducing CO2 content from the
atmosphere. Carbon sequestration is the solution, he
claims, the one that is done naturally by plants. Indeed,
scientific evidence shows that the restoration of
degraded grasslands creates organic topsoil rich in
carbon. This is a method of carbon sequestration that
has been overlooked by “green” activists and
politicians alike. According to the Savory Institute,
restored grasslands could rapidly eliminate from the
atmosphere all the CO2 emitted by man in the past 200
years (1).

Says Shane Mortimer: “With proper restoration and
management of its vast grasslands, Australia could
even make money selling carbon certificates to major
polluters in the world. Other benefits would be
enhanced water retention, biodiversity, and even food

“Indeed”, he adds, “perennial grasses put a layer of
fresh water into the soil that forces the salt table down,
reversing salinity”. Regarding food crops, he draws
our attention to Microlaena stipoides, an Australian
perennial grass species which is the indigenous
replacement for wheat and rice. Its grains are high in
protein, and small-scale commercial production for
human consumption has commenced.

WCFN applauds the grasslands solution which, unlike
wind farms, solar plants, biofuels and biomass, would
not further degrade our planet – on the contrary. In
addition, Holistic Planned Grazing advocated by
world-famous biologist Allan Savory, could benefit
cattle and grasslands alike, and people by way of food

Says Mark Duchamp, of WCFN: “we recommend that
governments put an end to their destructive energy
policies. Rather than subsidizing ineffective and
harmful industries like wind, they should fund
research into the restoration of grasslands, as well as
practical experiments, pilot projects etc.

Mr. Mortimer will co-produce a documentary series
“Carbon – The Indigenous Grasslands Solution,” with
film maker Alan Lock and Agronomist/Native
Grasslands Specialist Paul Hodgkinson.

Shane Mortimer
General-Coordinator Australia, WCFN
Phone: + 61 2 4822 6688 Mobile: + 61 437 377 369

Mark Duchamp
Chairman, WCFN
Tel: +34 693 643 736

(1) – Savory Institute – Holistic Planned Grazing:


  1. Shane Mortimer will be an excellent addition to the WCFN! He brings with him excellent and enlightened ideas about climate issues!

    Karin Green

    Princeton, B.C., Canada


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