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Wind2050: a dystopian society?

Wind power opponents in the cross hairs

cross hairs

Press release

February 28th 2014

Wind2050: a dystopian society?

The World Council for Nature (WCFN) has been informed that Danish taxpayers’ money is being spent to the tune of €2,665,688 to spy on associations and citizens’ groups of windfarm victims (present or potential). The name of the program is “Wind2050 – Multidisciplinary study on local acceptance and development of wind power projects” (1). It is administered chiefly by the Danish multinational company Vestas, the Danish government, and Denmark’s Aarlborg University. Its aim is to break the resistance of windfarm neighbors and opponents to Big Wind in Denmark and around the world. Note: in Denmark alone there are more than 200 associations of neighbors fighting the windfarm scourge, and Vestas’ profits have taken a big plunge.

The anti-democratic nature of this surveillance and targeting of windfarm victims is disturbing. WCFN warns that the obsession of the Danish government with wind farms, anchored as elsewhere in the world in the financing needs of political parties (2), is driving it dangerously close to paternalistic totalitarianism.

Below: a map that the Wind2050 study has made of the web-links that connect most of the world’s windfarm victim groups to each other. It is a form of saying: we have identified the enemy, here he is. The CIA would proceed likewise with al Qaeda.

W2050 - spying on citizens

WCFN wishes to remind the public that the worst crimes against nature are or have been perpetrated by political regimes which are not balanced by effective counter-powers such as investigative media and an independent judicial system. In the former Soviet Union, the Sea of Aral was practically eraced from the map by the regime’s obsession with cotton production. In very much the same way, the Golden Eagle, other raptors and extremely useful species of bats are being wiped out from countries like the UK and the US because of their governments’ obsession with wind farms.

The much feared Orwellian society is dawning upon us, and “green shirts” are in the process of taking control of our lives, complete with “smart meters”, “smart grids” and imbecilic directives, with the help of self-serving politicians and pharaonic subsidies that corrupt anything they touch.

“Orwellian” is an adjective describing “the societal condition that George Orwell identified as being destructive to the welfare of a free and open society. It connotes an attitude and a brutal policy of draconian control by propaganda, surveillance, misinformation, denial of truth…” (Wikipedia).

in the crosshairs

Indeed, the denial of any of the ill-effects of wind turbines is particularly obvious in today’s society: denial of the harm done to residents, and to biodiversity, landscapes, tourism, property values, the economy, sovereign debt and the price of electricity. Paid propagandists troll the Internet with a mission: to drown wind farm opponents under a deluge of half-truths so as to whitewash their industry which is essentially non-performing, extremely costly and harmful to people and the environment.

Are political correctness, corruption, and wind farms leading us to a dystopian society?

Mark Duchamp
+34 693 643 736

press release from Windwahn:


(1) – Wind250 program:

(2) – financing of political parties through wind farms


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  2. […] In short, wind farms are a calamity, whose only purpose is to finance political parties – see: […]

  3. The wind farm industry in New Zealand certainly isn’t free from corruption. Here’s what the government is doing its best to cover up.

  4. Great post.

    Refreshing to see ecological thinking balanced with seeing reality as it is, not as we would like it to be. Until folks see that the green movement is just as prone to distortion and co-option as anything else then we will not see the improvements and correctly directed activism that is so sorely needed.

  5. Excellent Post. Like it or not we are heading towards a world, where right and wrong no longer matter. A sick world where good is seen as bad and bad seen is seen as good. A world where some faceless financial institution is really the President of every country.

    By 2050 wind farms will have exterminated several bird and bat species and decimated the populations of hundreds of others. Make no mistake this world is coming and it will all for nothing because by 2050 the world will still be powered primarily by other forms of energy.

  6. […] Sometimes it’s hard not to get discouraged when one sees such a continuous flow of unscientific nonsense from sources that we might have thought had competence and intellectual integrity (like here and here and here). And then there are many millions of dollars spent to “break the resistance” of wind energy opponents (e.g. here). […]

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