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Politician braves the wind mafia



Politician braves the wind mafia

Windfarm neighbors trapped at home – courtesy of

AUSTRALIA: John Madigan, Senator from Victoria, found a smoking gun belonging to the windfarm mafia. With true grit, he denounces the unethical and illegal behavior of the wind crooks in the following video:

VIDEO: Senator Madigan’s speech at the Australian Senate

The World Council for Nature wishes to praise Senator Madigan for his honesty and his courage. Knowing the considerable power wielded by the wind lobby, with its pockets full of public money, it is indeed courageous to denounce its reprehensible activities.

Senator Madigan
Senator Madigan – courtesy of

Senator Madigan is also honest: unlike many of his fellow politicians, he won’t yield to peer pressure, financial incentives, or both. For this alone, he deserves to be called a hero.

It remains to be seen what actions will be taken against the dishonest politicians of our age – and their corporate, professional and academic accomplices – once the wind bubble bursts. There will be a lot of angry voters out there when this happens, for unlike the tobacco and asbestos industries, Big Wind (and its shills) have been bleeding the public purse, and its products have only had negative impacts.

Entire species of birds and bats are being wiped out from entire regions and even countries, and thousands of windfarm neighbors suffer from impaired sleep – and slow but steady health degradation. Governments know that ILFN (infrasound and low frequency noise) are the cause, resonating inside homes. But they only put limits to “outside noise”. The hypocrisy is total.

ILFN is more than just “noise” – courtesy of

On the plus side, wind farms fail to deliver any benefit to society. There are NO fossil fuel savings – see: Wind farms are redundant


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  3. Well done ! Senator Madigan in Australia !! Wind turbines don’t replace fossil fuel electricity most of the time, they merely duplicate it, because the fossil fuel power stations cannot be switched off due to the complete unpredictability of wind speeds. Wind turbines therefore need CONSTANT back-up !! The wind can go AWOL with very little notice!
    Besides, even a 400 ft wind turbine only generates 0.5MW on average ! So it needs 2000 of them to match a 1000MW gas fired power station.
    The UK uses 60000MW in winter,so it would need 120,000 wind turbines 400 feet high to generate that. But the UK is only 94,500 square miles in area………and there is often NO WIND under a High Pressure area or Anticyclone !! Crazy !! Where is the common sense?

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