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Destroying the planet: 2) BIOMASS

European Union: lunatics at the wheel

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Like biofuels, biomass is a “green” lunacy which helps destroy the planet instead of saving it

Biomass energy is produced by chipping up trees and burning them in power plants to generate electricity. In previous articles (1) we have seen how the EU government is causing habitat destruction around the world through its biofuels policy. The same is true with biomass. A top climate scientist said the following about it:

“This loophole gives oil companies, power plants and industries that face tighter pollution limits a cheap, yet erroneous, means to claim reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. According to a number of studies, including one by a U.S. Department of Energy lab, applying this incentive globally could lead to the loss of most of the world’s natural forests as carbon caps tighten.” (2)

“This used to be the lushly forested place called Mesopotamia, the Cradle of Civilization: modern day Iraq, Iran and the Middle East. Wouldn’t you be a little cranky too if all your trees were gone?” – Hufftington Post

European Union politicians act as if they had lost their minds. The alternative is that they are thoroughly corrupt, in their ideology or moneywise (or both). In a great article that’s already four years old, the Hufftington Post listed their delusions regarding biomass. But it produced no effect on the lunatics:

“Biomass Burning Delusion # 1: Burning trees doesn’t produce carbon dioxide.

“Burning any carbon based fuel produces carbon dioxide. That’s what burning is, carbon plus oxygen yields heat and CO2 and some other stuff called pollution. Woody biomass burning as it turns out produces more carbon dioxide than burning fossil fuels. You can pass laws and sign treaties but when you take a match to wood it releases carbon dioxide.

“Biomass burning produces fifty percent more carbon dioxide even than coal because it burns less efficiently,” say Biologist Rachel Smolker of U.K. based Biofuelwatch”.

Read the rest of this excellent article here:
Biomass Burning Delusion #2: When you cut and burn a tree it invigorates the growth of the forest which then takes up the CO2 you released by burning the tree… —> AND 6 MORE DELUSIONS.


Be sure to read also this article on biomass in the Daily Mail: “The bonfire insanity”

And please sign the petition against the Avonmouth biomass plant here:


(1) – see:

(2) –

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