Posted by: WCFN | July 2, 2014

Wind turbines contaminate

Wind turbines not only attract and kill raptors, hirundines and bats: they make people seriously ill, and they contaminate the environment.

Oil leak along a wind turbine tower in the Sierra de El Perdón (courtesy of Gurelur – the Navarrian association of real ecologists)

“Scotland’s environmental watchdog has probed more than 100 incidents involving turbines in just six years, including diesel spills, dirty rivers, blocked drains and excessive noise.

“Alarmingly, they also include the contamination of drinking water and the indiscriminate dumping of waste…”


“In another incident in November 2011, 1,000 litres of oil leaked from a turbine at the Clyde wind farm in Abington, Lanarkshire, resulting in an emergency clean-up operation.”


“People living near Whitelee, which has 215 turbines, complained of severe vomiting and diarrhoea with water samples showing high readings of E. Coli and other coliform bacteria.”


“Dr Connor said: “I would expect this likely contamination of drinking water must be happening all over Scotland.”

Read more: The Sunday Post

Detergents are another source of contamination. They are used to wash the towers from leaked oil, and the blades from dead insects, which form a paste that reduces performance.

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  1. Many of the Wind Turbines leak in Palm Springs, I took photos of them.

  2. […] During work on a WTG about 100 litres of oil leaked out and down the outside of the tower from the nacelle. Some of the oil ran all the way down the tower and into the sea. 530 Traduction : Pendant la maintenance d’une éolienne, environ 100 litres d’huile s’échappère de la nacelle et descendirent le long du mât. Une partie arriva jusqu’à la mer. 530 Nos remarques : et le reste, qui est resté collé au mât, fut plus tard nettoyé au jet avec un mélange d’eau et de détergent. Non seulement les 100 litres d’huile finirent dans la mer, mais le détergent aussi. Voir photos de nettoyage d’éoliennes ici : wind turbines contaminate […]

  3. […] turbines themselves each contain 190 gallons of oil. Land turbines have been known to leak oil and contaminate groundwater. That’s not green, on land or at […]

  4. […] farm area and are an effective source of green energy. However, there have been reports of the effect on wildlife and human health from noise pollution, and even […]

  5. Damage to humans from wind power – 7/2 – World Council for Nature – Wind turbines contaminate – Article provides quotes from articles and links. Issues I’ve not read of before are oil leaks contaminating ground water and the need to regularly clean the blades, which puts detergents on the ground and into ground water. The concern here is collateral damage to human health from construction and maintenance of wind farms. Will mention other articles at the site later.

    • What about househould detergents, restaurant, car wash, hotels, beach resort and many more establishment that are regularly using detergents, soaf, chlorine?

      • Two wrongs don’t make a right. Besides, many wind farms are built in wilderness areas, where hotels, restaurants, and other businesses you mention can’t be built.

  6. For Goodness sake, Let’s put a moratorium on building any more of these hideous, inefficient white elephants which are nothing more than a sop to green energy. Better still, dismantle those that have already been constructed. They have been a shocking mistake – a blight on the landscape and a horrendous waste of money. They also maker] the poor souls who live near them ill!

    Urban dwellers tend to be in favour of them – no wonder! They are not affected!

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