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lion industry - waiting to die

A lion industry at work in South Africa, depleting its wild lion population, reaching into neighbouring countries to swell its profits.

PLEASE HELP SAVE THE LIONS, WHICH ARE BECOMING EXTINCT. See this video from the Global March for Lions and follow their Call for Action:

Lion cub petting and extinction of wild lions. Well-intentioned tourists are being duped!
Global March for Lions


Current Statistics on “Canned Hunting”

– There are around 20 000 lions left in Africa.

– 900 Lions a year are legally hunted and exported for trophies (in the whole of Africa)

– South Africa exported 547 of these – bearing in mind that these are only the legally documented exports- probably many more go under the radar.

– In South Africa, there are many more lions in cages than in the wild. (2,743 ‘wild’ lions in SA game reserves at last count. About 8000 in captivity.)

– The captive killing of tamed lions (“canned hunting”) is a growing, un-policed industry.

– Less than 3% of trophy income reaches the local communities.

– Trophy hunting accounts for only 0.27% of GDP and 1.8% of tourism revenue.

– Lions have lost over 50% of their historic range in the last 30 years.

– Nature Conservation will not allow tamed lions to return to the wild, as “human-habituated lions” have lost their fear of humans.

– The genetics of lions in captive-breeding programs have been compromised, meaning they cannot return to their natural eco-system.

– Over 160 “Canned Lion” killing camps in South Africa established over the past 15 years.

– Lion bones are being traded large-scale from captive breeding operations into the Eastern Markets.

Extinction risk for lions is even greater than rhino.

Source: Another website of the globalmarch4lions

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