Posted by: WCFN | February 10, 2015

Dirty financing

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Do subsidies to wind energy help finance political parties?

This would explain why wind farms perdure in spite of their ineffectiveness

Wind energy is ineffective on all counts: it isn’t cheap; it can’t replace traditional energies; it doesn’t save on CO2; it isn’t green; it brings no benefits to society. No amount of money spent to finance mendacious studies can change these facts. So the question is: why do politicians keep spending billions to keep the wind industry afloat?

A reply to this question may be found here:
A humorous response from a German TV channel

and another here:

“the windfarms’ raison d’être is that they are being used to finance political parties. In a nutshell, windfarm-related interests finance election campaigns, and in return politicians vote huge subsidies.”

A radio interview, an article, a video and a book about financing political parties with subsidies to renewable energy.


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