Posted by: WCFN | February 20, 2015

Must see documentary

Ontario’s wind energy disaster

windfarm victim

Down Wind is the explosive documentary that examines Ontario’s controversial rush into wind farm development. Produced by Surge Media, Down Wind exposes how this Canadian provinces’ green energy dream turned into a nightmare for rural residents forced to live among the towering 50 storey turbines. We hear searing, personal stories of people experiencing mysterious health problems, insomnia, depression, even thoughts of suicide; their lives turned upside down by the constant noise and vibrations given off by the massive wind turbines. The documentary also reveals the staggering economic costs of these wind farms to taxpayers with huge subsidies going to big wind corporations. And how inside connections have made some government cronies wealthy, while rural communities suffer.

DOWN WIND – play the SHORT VERSION of the documentary


Media write up here: The Toronto Sun.

DOWN WIND – Wind Farm documentary – FULL DOC in HD
by Surge Media Canada
The film aired on Canada’s Sun News Network.

For more information contact:



  1. if has been on sun tv. so moving


  2. Reblogged this on ThumbWind and commented:
    The similarity between the rush to implement wind energy in Ontario and Huron County Michigan is startling.

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