Posted by: WCFN | April 8, 2015

A martyr of the republic?

The apparent suicide of French Senator Jean Germain, a friend of windfarm victims

Jean Germain

“He is a martyr of the republic. He has been thrown to the dogs” said his lawyer (1).

Recently, Jean Germain had convinced his fellow Senators to propose an amendment doubling the setback between wind turbines and habitations to 1,000 meters. The French government, house of representatives and wind industry are opposed to it. In a country like France, a 1,000-meter buffer zone would make relatively few wind projects possible. But Jean Germain, and the majority of Senators, thought the health of their constituents was more important.

Other French politicians who, according to the authorities, committed suicide:
– Pierre Bérégovoy in 1993, who “shot himself” – yet it turned out later that he had two bullets in his head (sic) (2).
– Robert Boulin, who was found in a pond in 1979, with clear evidence of blows to his face – in other words, this Minister would have commited suicide by beating himself up (3).
– There may be more examples…

We are not implying that the death of Jean Germain is suspicious. We are just remembering that, in these matters, it may take years before the whole truth is known. Prudent, a number of media have been titling: French senator found dead in apparent suicide (4).

If you read French, see the moving letter from Pascale Hoffmeyer, WCFN’s Coordinator for Switzerland: “… the distress of giant turbines’ neighbours …” (5).

Press contact:

Mark Duchamp +34 693 643 736


1) – The Guardian reports on the death of the Senator

2) – the prime minister, “who shot himself”, had two bullets in his head

3) – a minister who commited suicide by beating himself up (video, in French)

4) – Senator Jean Germain, who took an interest in wind farm victims, will be missed (letter, in French)

5) – French senator found dead in apparent suicide ahead of ‘Chinese weddings’ trial


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