Posted by: WCFN | June 17, 2015

Climate and the Pope


The Pope embraces the hugely expensive renewable energies, which cause fuel poverty and unemployment.

See this two-minute video by an American think-tank, high-lighting the dreadful impact of “green” climate policies on the poor and the vulnerable:


See also:

The Pope’s Climate Letter Urges ‘Dialogue with Everyone,’ So Why Did Vatican Single Out and Harass Us?

Read more:
“Our opinions were not only ignored, but we were scoffed at and demeaned by high-level Vatican officials “


What Pope Francis should do to really help the poor, by Bjorn Lomborg

Read more:
“…today’s climate policies themselves have a cost, which predominantly hits the poor… Relying on expensive green energy sources like wind and solar power makes electricity pricier and less available for those who desperately need it.”


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