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Dr Sarah Laurie: doubly vindicated

The ill effects of wind farms on health are real

Dr Sarah Laurie, CEO of the Waubra Foundation

Dr Laurie has spent 5 years doing voluntary work to help windfarm victims, and others impacted by other sources of industrial noise in rural Australia, where she lives with her family. Also, as CEO of the Waubra Foundation, she has been promoting research into the effects of infrasound, low-frequency noise, and vibrations emitted by wind turbines and other sources. She is recognised worldwide as a leading expert in the harm done by wind turbines to people, and has been invited to testify in numerous parliamentary inquiries, courts and tribunals on various continents.

Hypersensitivity to infrasound causes sleep deprivation,
headaches, nausea etc.

As a result of her hard work, generous heart, and uncompromised professional dedication, she enjoys the highest respect among the people who, around the world, do voluntary work to help the victims of wind turbines. But her very success in further raising the profile of the issue of infasound and low-frequency noise (ILFN) emitted by wind turbines has created her many enemies, among those making a living from the wind power business and related activists.

One of them was an Australian employee of Danish wind turbine manufacturer VESTAS, Ken McAlpine, author in March 2014 of a defamatory tweet which wrongly implied that Dr Laurie was no longer a doctor as a result of some professional misconduct causing her to be “deregistered”. He is not alone – Canadian based IBM employee Mike Barnard authored a document, published by the Energy and Policy Institute in 2014, which defames a number of health and acoustics experts, including Dr Laurie.

Simon Chapman, a sociologist, Professor of Public Health (sic) at the University of Sydney, is also on the list. He has been ridiculing and denigrating those suffering ill-health and exhaustion from the vicinity of wind turbines, and personally attacking doctors and acoustics professionals for over five years. Chapman was one of a number of people who retweeted the defamatory words of McAlpine. Others involved included a journalist from Fairfax Media, and an employee of Infigen Energy (formerly Babcock and Brown), owner and operator of wind power developments in Australia and the USA.

Simon Chapman
Simon Chapman, sociologist, Professor of Public Health (sic)

Chapman has been trying to discredit Dr Laurie and her work for years, thus helping the wind industry to keep selling their unsafe products. Time and again he denied the known adverse health effects of noise and infrasound emitted by wind turbines, and tried to destroy the reputations of those professionals who are sounding the alarm. Chapman has been the main proponent of the grotesque accusation that Dr Laurie is herself making people sick by speaking out about the health problems caused by wind turbines and by advocating for research and safer regulations (i.e. an alleged “nocebo effect” caused by “scaremongering”).

But the tables have turned. Dr Laurie has been vindicated. First by the Australian Senate. In its report issued on 3rd August 2015, at the end of the enquiry about wind farms, we find this:

2.21 The committee highlights the fact that Professor Chapman is not a qualified, registered nor experienced medical practitioner, psychiatrist, psychologist, acoustician, audiologist, physicist or engineer. Accordingly:

  • he has not medically assessed a single person suffering adverse health impacts from wind turbines;
  • his research work has been mainly—and perhaps solely—from an academic perspective without field studies;
  • his views have been heavily criticised by several independent medical and acoustic experts in the international community;
  • and many of his assertions do not withstand fact check analyses.”

This is followed by a number of paragraphs where Chapman’s allegations are rebutted one by one:
Read more: Senate’s Select Committee on Wind Turbines

Australian Senate

Senator Madigan commented: “(Chapman) is a person who is not lawfully permitted to conduct any form of medical research or study in relation to human health”.
And: “(his) undergraduate qualifications were in sociology and his PhD looked into the relationship between cigarette smoke and advertising”. *Click here for more*

Senator Madigan
Australian Senator John Madigan

Exposed by the Senate, the professor of public health is now in the hot seat. He had to make a public apology. First by a tweet which said: “I sincerely apologise to Sarah Laurie for retweeting the false statement that she was deregistered and not a doctor.”
Then by letter: “I sincerely apologise to Sarah Laurie for the harm, embarrassment and distress caused by my allegations, which I unreservedly retract.”
Read more: Simon Chapman apologizes to Dr Sarah Laurie

His apology, however, was less than gentlemanly: he chose not to address the victim of his smears as “Dr Laurie”. Yet, as pointed out by Graham Lloyd’s recent article in the Australian, Dr Laurie IS a medical doctor, even if she has offered not to use the title for her work with the Waubra Foundation. Otherwise patients would be calling for appointments.

Simon Chapman, to say the least, is not an asset for the wind industry, nor for his employer – the University of Sydney, or for any of the organizations who have irresponsibly adopted his biased nocebo claims, such as the Public Health Association of Australia, and the Climate and Health Alliance.

The World Council for Nature takes this occasion to praise Dr Sarah Laurie for her outstanding work, her courage and her abnegation. Few people in the world today deserve to be honored as much as she does.


  1. I live in Northern Ireland and have spoken to DR Sarah Laurie who I was able to converse with. I share many symptoms with many people however having a turbine 112m from my home with 5 passed within 725m sleep will never be the same. my health is already destroyed. I must mention Professor Emeritus Alun Evans who has worked with Sarah and introduced us. He has worked tirelessly to inform the dullest professionals known to man which are intransigent public health officials about the very real health impacts involved. I am very happy that Sarah has been vindicated and hope it is the beginning of the end.

  2. Dr Laurie was denigrated by many apart from the publicly-funded propagandist Chapman.
    I’ve observed the ruthlessness of the wind lobby for more than a decade in Australia.
    Truly Orwellian in its abuse of language and inversion of reality.

  3. At least have he decency to balance your post. Try starting here – – Chapman’s answers to questions posed by Australia’s Senate before verballing the man.

    Know also that Senator Leyenholm is no scientist and therefore ill-equipped to judge testimony from researchers.

  4. As Joe Dispenza, DC, points out in his 2014 book, “You Are the Placebo; making your mind matter”, victims of voodoo curses, curses of vengeful kahunas, and victims of other such unfortunate belief systems, actually succumb because they fully subscribe to those religions, as do their affines and relatives, who shun them, thus insuring their fatal conditions. They are victims of their own minds, a form of nocebo effect. Those that are impacted by the ILFNs propagated by the mega-watt wind turbines, do not imagine, nor in many cases are even aware of the connection of their exposures to this environmental toxicity to their deteriorating health. For some, fatal cardiac arrest robs them of the chance of ever learning what killed them. Women in their reproductive years are afflicted with miscarriages and menstrual abnormalities. Animals, like household pets, mink being raised on commercial pelt farms and suffering miscarriages of deformed and stillborn offspring, chickens who who lay yolkless eggs, and just stop laying eggs altogether, pollinators like bees who are stopped from being able to communicate to their hive-mates the location of nectar bearing flowers, flightless emus who cannot escape the lethal ILFN vibrations, can have no mental attitudes for Professor Chapman to elude to. This man is a sellout and a fraud. He has criminally attacked a wonderful woman, Dr. Sarah Laurie. People need to be clear that he is one of the foremost liars in the world.

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