Posted by: WCFN | September 20, 2015

VESTAS embarrassed

VESTAS Special Advisor apologizes to Dr Sarah Laurie

Ken McAlpine
Ken McAlpine

He sent a Tweet:

Ken McAlpine
I sincerely apologise for any harm I caused to Sarah Laurie for falsely claiming she was deregistered & not a Doctor.

You will note that he is no more a gentleman than the other offender, Professor Simon Chapman, writing as they both did: “Sarah Laurie” instead of “Dr Sarah Laurie”.

Waubra Foundation
Dr Sarah Laurie, CEO of the Waubra Foundation.

He also wrote this public letter of apology:


I am a consultant Special Advisor to Vestas Australian Wind Technology Pty Ltd.

On 19 March 2014, I uploaded the following allegations on Twitter concerning Sarah Laurie:

NOT DROWNING, RANTING: Deregistered “Dr” Sarah Laurie doesn’t like the medicine dished up by @ama_media:…

At the time that I uploaded the Tweet, I was employed by Vestas Australian Wind Technology Pty Ltd. The thrust of my allegations is that Sarah Laurie had given cause to the Medical Board of Australia to deregister her as a medical practitioner, on account of unprofessional conduct and that Sarah Laurie is not entitled to use the title “Dr”.

These allegations were made without foundation and are entirely false.

Sarah Laurie is not deregistered and has never been sanctioned by the Medical Board of Australia. I understand that Sarah Laurie allowed her registration as a medical practitioner to lapse for personal reasons; and, accordingly, does not currently practice as such. By reason of her academic qualifications, Sarah Laurie is entitled to use the title “Dr”.

I sincerely apologise to Sarah Laurie for the harm, embarrassment and distress caused by my allegations, which I unreservedly retract.

Ken McAlpine
Special Advisor, Public Affairs,
Vestas Australian Wind Technology Pty Ltd

Original document here

See also the apology of Professor Simon Chapman and comments from the Australian Senate



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  2. After his disgusting display at a Senate Inquiry Hearing when asked if he would apologise to Dr Laurie this ‘apology’ is insufficient and lacking in evidence of him being truly apologetic.

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