Posted by: WCFN | January 17, 2017

SAM – Scribe : pricing


Price list and other information

about the full-spectrum sound recording kit for wind turbine victims




Due to the large number of response from across the world, it has become necessary to create this generic reply.

SAM Scribe Mk2 is the most recent product in a project that started back in 1998. So far, in excess of 100,000 person-hours have been spend on developing the methodology and associated instrumentation.

SAM Scribe Mk2 is the most recent development and is now being offered for international sale.

The first commercial production run of SAM Scribe Mk2 will begin in February, 2017. This production run will be of a limited number of units as the production process is developed. Each Scribe is hand assembled and tested at every stage of production. The microphones are similarly manufactured by Atkinson & Rapley and we hope to issue a calibration certificate with each pair in the near future. Calibration equipment is currently on order.

If you are interested to obtain one of the first SAM Scribe Mk2s, please register your interest by contacting Atkinson & Rapley Consulting Ltd at

If you decide to purchase a unit, then you need to pay the full cost, including freight to your location, before the unit can be exported. Delivery takes between 14 – 28 days, depending on location.

The payment method is direct transfer to our New Zealand bank account. Please request details and these will be sent to you when you are ready to purchase. Your local bank can easily arrange such international transfers. We trade in New Zealand, Australian, Canadian and American dollars and Euros. The price list (click here) shows the cost for each category and country.

Customers who pay up front will take priority for the first production run.

If you have any further queries, please contact Atkinson & Rapley Consulting Ltd at

Information is available on the SAM technology and its success todate on our website here:   The site will be updated within 10 days.

More details regarding the Citizen Science Initiative will be available soon.




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