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Windfarms & Whale Beachings

The Times: wind turbines may have caused the death of 3 whales

May 22 2017

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Over a year ago WCFN published an article where we suggested that the beaching of 17 sperm whales – a toll that finally reached 29 – had been caused by offshore wind turbines, numerous in the southern part of the North Sea where the tragedy happened: 17 sperm whales stranded on beaches in a vast offshore windfarm zone

Above: 2 of the 29 sperm whales beached in the 2016 event

None of the media, and the experts interviewed at the time, even named wind turbine low-frequency noise and vibrations as possible causes. But it would appear that experts are now thinking these wind machines may be the cause, says the Times. Progress at last!

But how many more years will have to pass before governments, and the medical profession at large,  recognize the ill-health effects of wind turbines on humans? The French Academy of Medicine just published a new report in which they side with government and industry on the matter. Dr Nina Pierpont immediately made public a strong critique of their findings: Pierpont, Critique of the French National Academy of Medicine report, 5-9-17.

The reputation of the medical profession was hardly tarnished by the years they spent ignoring the effects of tobacco. Perhaps this fact encourages them to look the other way while wind turbines are causing serious harm to thousands of people living in their vicinity? Recommending that an epidemiological study be carried out won’t save the Academy from blame: they had recommended that much in their 2006 report as well, but governments ignored it. Wind farm victims were expecting the medical profession would up the ante this time around, given the mass of studies proving the existence of the deleterious Wind Turbine Syndrome. But against all logic, the Academy adopted the discredited nocebo effect argument put forward by the wind industry. So we ask: what about animals? Are they too affected by what they read in the social media?.

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