Posted by: WCFN | July 8, 2017

Nature, health and wellbeing


How Nature, in Any Form, Boosts Health and Wellbeing


Modern life is a busy experience. There’s always somewhere to be, something to do or someone to phone/email/text. Many people thrive under that pressure, yet others don’t. But, a universal requirement for everyone to function well and remain in good health, is access to nature.

There have been numerous studies into the importance of nature on people’s health and they all show the same results. Without a reboot from the natural world around us:

· We tire more easily.
· Find it harder to concentrate.
· Our bodies and minds are more susceptible to illness.

Many people are lucky and have easy access to nature where they can go for a walk, or look out and see a breath-taking view. But city dwellers and workers in particular, don’t have the same, easy options. There is an alternative though. It’s been proven that even access to beautiful pictures and images of nature scenes, can have a beneficial effect on our health.

HD photo by Ales Krivec (@aleskrivec)

There’s a variety of distinctive benefits that access to real-life nature or wonderful pictures or documentaries can produce. They include:

· A reduction in the instance of depression.
· Help invalids heal faster.
· Boost immune systems.
· Improve your mood.
· Reduces the perception of pain.
· Can stave off dementia.

Check out this guide to learn more about how interacting with nature can improve your health.

by Jackie

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