“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”
John Muir


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Mission – List of members – Joining


The World Council for Nature (WCFN) was founded September 20th, 2011.
Its mission is to defend Nature against aggressions from man. The world has entered a phase of accelerated destruction, where traditional ecologists are no longer holding natural habitats and biodiversity as their first concern. Politics and money have corrupted the ecology movement, and most environmentalists today endorse the destruction of more nature in order to “save the planet”. WCFN denounces this perversion, and will defend Nature as its number one priority. But our interest in the conservation of nature does not mean that we forget about people: we shall also defend human populations against aggressions that have the same origin.

See our mission in more detail – click this link, then scroll down to Politics and money have corrupted the ecology movement. There is a need for fresh air.

(not inclusive of individual memberships)

– Save the Eagles International (STEI), global

– Centro de Investigaciones y Promoción de Iniciativas para Conocer y Proteger la  Naturaleza (CIPI-CPN) -“Iberica 2000“, global

– Federación de Asociaciones de Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, Spain

– Toronto Wind Action, Canada

– NA-PAW – federation of 78 organizations from North America

– Great Lakes Wind Truth, Canada

– Nieuwerust Noise & Bird Watch, South Africa

– Lake Superior Action Research Conservation, Canada

– Patrimonio Natural y Cultural de Extremadura, Spain

– Ecocultura Argentina, Argentina

– Coalición Pro Bosque Seco Ventanas Verraco, Puerto Rico

– Action for Protection of Wild Animals (APOWA), India

– Asociacion Plataforma El Quichote contra los molinos, Spain

– Πρωτοβουλία Πολιτών για τη Διάσωση του Πράμνειου Όρους
Citizens’ Initiative for Saving Mount Pramnos – Save Pramnos, Ikaria, Greece

– Friends of Mojave, United States

– 中國香港地貌岩石保育協會
Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong, China

– Plataforma de Afectados de la Línea de Alta Tensión del Robledo, Extremadura, Spain

– Chemin Lagueux Committee, Stanstead, Qc, Canada

– Friends of the Tantramar Marsh, New Brunswick, Canada

– Windwahn, Slesvig-Holstein, Germany

– Safe Green Community Aruba Foundation, Aruba

– Campobello Heritage Protection Society, New Brunswick, Canada

– Asociación Naturalista de Amigos de La Serena (ANSER), Extremadura, Spain

– Association Les Travers du Vent, Jura, Switzerland

– Association Le Vent Tourne, Quebec, Canada

– Associació Vilafranca Amant Del Gat, Catalonia, Spain

– Regroupement pour le Développement Durable des Appalaches, Quebec, Canada

– Grup Muntanya Valldigna, Valencia Region, Spain

– Le Mont Champot, Franche Comté, France

– Association Avenir et Patrimoine 88, Vosges, France

– Association de Défense de l’Environnement en Nord Lauragais, France

– Association pour la sauvegarde des paysages des Franches-Montagnes, Switzerland

– ADTC – Avis de Tempête Cévenole, Ardèche, France

– Caithness Windfarm Information Forum, Scotland, UK

– * Cosses Country House, Ballantrae, Ayrshire, Scotland, UK

– * Guinate Tropical Park, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

– The AARK (Agriculture Arts Residency Kenmore) Limited, Aboriginal People, Australia

– Quixotes Last Stand / The Village Square, Ontario, Canada

– Associazione Centro Educazione Ambientale (CEA) Messina onlus, Sicily, Italy

– Capacitación Integral para la Excelencia A.C. (CIE), Aguascalientes, Mexico

– Alpe Adria Green – International organization for the protection of the environment and nature, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Serbia, Vojvodina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

– Association ROC PARADET : pour la préservation des massifs de Bugarach et de Galamus, Roussillon, France

– Iligan Capitol College, The Philippines

– Lyceum of Iligan Foundation, The Philippines

– Iligan Capitol College Earth Savers Club, The Philippines

– Collectif “Sauvons Puichéric, Saint Couat, Blomac”, Aude, France

– Civil Initiative for the Protection of Senožeška Brda, Slovenia

– Association Environnement Juste, Hérault, France

– Windfarm Action Group (WAG), Scotland, UK

– Cesme Sürdürülebilir Yasam Platformu – Cesme Sustainable Life Platform, Cesme, Izmir, Turkey

– Collectif pour la Protection des Paysages et de la Biodiversité 34, Hérault, France

– APPREL – Association pour la Protection des Paysages de l’Escandorgue et du Lodévois, Hérault, France

– CCSAGE – County Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy, an NFP Corporation, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada

– Les Vues imprenables, Haute Marne, France

– Association Vent Debout, Gironde, France

– Centre de Sauvegarde de la Faune sauvage caussenard (CRSFC), Aveyron, France

– Solidarité Internationale pour le Développement Durable (SIDD), Democratic Republic of Congo

– Association to Protect Amherst Island (APAI), Ontario, Canada

– Association of Environmental Protection South Karystia (Σύλλογος Προστασίας Περιβάλλοντος Νότιας Καρυστίας – ΣΠΠΕΝΚ), Greece

– Centre de Fauconnerie Autourserie du Québec Inc., Quebec, Canada


Members of Honor:

– Epifanio Rodriguez, volunteer who designed our logo. WCFN is endebted to you, Epifanio.

– Deborah Iannone, for services rendered as a volunteer. WCFN is endebted to you, Deborah.


WCFN invites more organizations to join.

Eligibility: they must be working, in whole or in part, or contribute in some way to the conservation of Nature, defined as animal species and their habitats but also landscape quality, as one implies the other. They must also be in agreement with our mission statement.

The list of our collective members is published above.

Individuals are also invited to join. Their names are not published.

Members are entitled to use our logo . We encourage them to do so.

Membership is free of charge.
We reserve the right to accept applications for membership at our sole discretion, and to terminate memberships at any time and in the same manner.

* BUSINESSES – Our mission is to save what’s left of wilderness in the world. It’s a colossal task, and we can’t afford to shut good people out because “they are running a business”. On the contrary, we need business people to be with us, not against us. But there is a big difference between our approach and that of, say, WWF: whereas that NGO, or its affiliates or projects, benefit financially from their association with businesses, we don’t. This way money will never cloud our vision. We simply encourage businesses to be nature friendly, to reduce their footprint, and to help maintain biodiversity. We are only asking in return that they use our logo, and that they do NOT use those of WWF, Greenpeace, or Friends of the Earth, which we consider are NGOs that have lost their way. In our list above, businesses are identified with an asterisk.

To apply for membership, please send the following application to: wcfn@live.com
with a cc to save.the.eagles@gmail.com

I (we) would like to become member(s) of WCFN. Here are my (our) details:

– (full name of individual, association, platform or organization),

– (location, region or state, country),

– (telephone number – optional),

– (blog or web page, if any),

– (approximate number of persons in your group, if applicable),

– (your logo, if any),

– If you speak another language, please indicate if you would be willing to help WCFN with translations.

– (Signature)
– (Title – if applying for an organization)



Coordinator-General for Spain and Latin America: José Miguel Canet
correo@iberica2000.org … Cell phone: +34 653 378 661

Coordinators-General for Germany: Jutta Reichardt and Marco Bernardi

Coordinator-General for Australia: Shane Mortimer
shane.mortimer@theaark.org Phone: +61 2 4822 6688   Cell: + 61 437 377 369

Coordinator-General for the Philippines: Ray Vincent Arana
rayvincentarana@gmail.com Phone: +63 (063) 492-4950 Cell: +63 0917 726 2326

Coordinator-General for the United Kingdom: Susan Crosthwaite
info@windsofjustice.org.uk Phone: +44(0)7860 873343 Webpage: http://www.windsofjustice.org.uk

Correspondent in Japan: Yuki Tsuruta Oike
yuki-t-o@wine.ocn.ne.jp   Cell phone: +81-96-284-1755

Chairman:  Mark Duchamp
wcfn@live.com … Cell phone: +34 693 643 736

Mark Duchamp is also president of Save the Eagles International, spokesman for SALVAREXT and spokesman for Plasencia Libre.

Mr. Duchamp’s background may be viewed here: http://savetheeaglesinternational.org/about-us.html

CONTACT:   save.the.eagles@gmail.com
Tel: +34 693 643 736
Skype: mark.duchamp
Twitter:  @DuchampMark



  1. […] The World Council for Nature’s mission statement explains, “But our interest in the conservation of nature does not mean that we forget about people:  we shall also defend human populations against aggressions that have the same origin.” […]

  2. […] link).   Again, no Wikipedia article, which immediately rouses my suspicion.  I checked their about page and found no information on who is funding them, except for an ominous reference to their attitudes […]

    • Save the Eagles International and the World Council for Nature are not on Wikipedia because of censorship. Wiki regularly eliminates any article that’s posted about STEI or WCFN. Wiki discriminates against organisations that are not in favour of wind farms.

      As for funding, we have none. As president of both entities, I pay for their domain names from my own pocket. That costs in total less than €100 a year.

      Mark Duchamp

  3. […] organizacijo WCFN (https://wcfn.org/about/ ) so vključena tudi podjetja, ker smatramo, da morajo poslovni ljudi, delati z nami, ne proti nam. […]

  4. Hi again Mark
    Please note the request of “Friends of the Tantramar Marsh” to be members

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