EXCERPT: “Most energy companies are close to the government and the judiciary is not always independent.


Read more: DW article on Turkey


Hearing damage, wind turbines and ILFN
(Infrasound & Low Frequency Noise)

Testimony by Jutta Reichardt, from Germany

1995 – commissioning of the wind turbines in 320-450 m from our house.

Autumn Winter 1995-96 – First hearing problems:
– Noise and a feeling of cotton wool in the left ear with the consequence restricted hearing. Medical Examination: No infection, no inflammation.
– First noted in the course of the blood sample: highly elevated AP values ​​(alkaline phosphatase).

Read more: Jutta Reichardt


Wind turbine infrasound affects OVULATION (Denmark)
… and kills another small business

See –>Press release

See –>Danish press – translation

See –> Danish video – translation


Documents re: mink farm disaster
ref. press release of June 7th 2014


Press release


Joint WCFN-STEI release 16 April 2012
Windfarms: bird mortality cover-up in the UK


WCFN release 20 January 2012
Spanish turnaround on renewable energy?

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