Documents re: mink farm tragedy

Mink farm tragedy
See our press release of June 7th 2014

Document Nº 1

Here are an article and video from Denmark, dated January 16th 2014, from when the owner of the Vildbjerg mink farm, Kaj Olesen Bank, went to air his complaint at the Danish Parliament. He was heard by the Parliamentary Environment Commission. This was regarding the first mishap, which occurred last fall when the wind turbines became operative and began to spin: about 100 minks had to be put down, because of the wounds inflicted when they turned aggressive and attacked one another. (see translation further down).

The Danish media are, however, auto-censoring on the second mishap which occurred at the mink farm in May 2014: the 1,600 miscarriages. Indeed, news of this nature could hurt VESTAS badly, a multinational firm which is arguably Denmark’s biggest employer and exporter. The company is an object of national pride, and has deep pockets to boot. All of this, plus the pressure applied by the powerful Green lobby, motivates the Danish media to look the other way.

Free translation of the above article:

Minks crazy from wind turbine noise

Mink breeder Kaj Olesen Bank’s animals are behaving in a completely crazy way. This started to happen when four giant wind turbines were erected close to his farm.

Aggressive animals and deafening mink war – this has become commonplace at Kaj Olesen Bank’s mink farm, after the erection of four giant wind turbines near his residence not far from the village of Vildbjerg.

“I could hear it perfectly from inside our room, and I was shocked when I walked around the farm – there was fighting everywhere”, says Kaj Olesen Bank.

From the day he had four giant wind turbines for neighbors, his minks completely changed behavior. They are now so aggressive… Many of them had to be put down because of the deep bites they inflicted to one another. The farmer is now fearing for his farm’s production.

“It was a nightmare. It is also a mental challenge. A whole production system, one’s livelihood is at stake. And it’s not small amounts we are talking about. We fear the worst, because we know that mink fighting – bites, trauma, fur damage – will cost us millions of kroners”, he said.

Kaj Olesen Bank has now applied for permission to move his fur farm further away from the giant wind turbines.

End of translation

Latest news: the municipality of Vildbjerg has denied him the right to move his mink farm, even though it would still be on his land. Says our Danish correspondent: “the authorities are having a love affair with the wind industry. But we, the people, must pay the consequences.”


Document Nº 2

Report of the veterinarian from DANSK PELSDYR LABORATORIUM, who was called when the second mishap occurred, that of the miscarriages en masse.

Original in Danish: “BESOGSRAPPORT_5-5-2014_Kaj Olesen Bank”



  1. The vet report recommends the animals be tested for plasmacytosis or Aleutian Mink disease which causes spontaneous abortion and death in mink. There was an outbreak of Aleutian disease in that part of Denmark at the time, it is very easy to google this. Why would this have anything to do with the turbines?

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