Windfarms affect menstruation: Danish Parliament

Danish MP advises her Government of numerous health complaints

In this video dated 20.6.2014, we see a Member of Parliament, Karina Adsbøl, addressing the Minister of Health, Nick Hækkerup, at a hearing about the deleterious effects of wind turbines. She mentions two examples: the infamous mink farm where so many puppies were stillborn with deformities (1), and a new case, one involving menstruation problems with unusual bleeding affecting women working in a plant nursery located 400-700 metres from wind turbines.

The hearing was recorded on video. It may be seen in its entirety here: LONG DANISH VERSION.
And here is the short extract where Karina Adsbøl speaks about the mink tragedy and the garden centre employees with menstruation problems. We’ve added subtitles to it for our readers to understand: ONE MINUTE VIDEO WITH SUBTITLES

For ease of reference, here are the subtitles, as drafted by our Danish correpondent, Greta Gallandy-Jakobsen:

“We had many people at the Health Committee hearing…
and we have received a lot of inquiries by email.
For example, we received an inquiry from a plant nursery.
Its owner complains…
that his female employees’ menstrual cycle is affected by the wind turbines…
with unusual bleeding…
A mink breeder also complained…
that his minks are gravely disturbed by the turbines.
Many were born with deformities…
the turbines have affected their natural development.
They are not normal …
And so it worries us!”

For more details on the new incident, that of a plant nursery going out of business because of neighbouring wind turbines and their disrupting influence on the menstruation of its female employees, see the translation of a Danish article on the subject:DANISH ARTICLE

See also our press release: HERE

References: (1) Kaj Bank Olesen’s mink farm: stillbirths and deformities: 1,600 miscarriages

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